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Galleria Villas, 11 | Jumeirah 1, | 215158 Dubai |UAE Mofardini 39b | 52444 Mofardini | Istria |Croatia

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+971 527 333 519
+385 97 64 24 478

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BMS Centre has developed a powerful therapy method that combines the best practices of Eastern and Western medicine. Our holistic approach recognizes the deep interconnection between Body, Mind, and Soul, acknowledging that true well-being encompasses all three aspects.


Meet the Team and learn about the BMS-Method. A revolutionary approach developed by Danijela Andric Casson, founder and owner of BMS Centre, integrating the most effective practices from Eastern and Western medicine

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With a focus to treat the body, mind & soul simultaneously, we proudly offer an array of retreats tailored to your specific needs and interests.